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Will your logo be unique?

Yes your logo will be totally unique. Obviously I can’t guarantee there won’t be similar logos that have been produced as there are probably literally millions of logos that are currently being used. Also I never use clipart and your logo will be designed from scratch. If after I have designed your logo you did happen to discover a logo exactly the same then I would assume that the other persons have blatantly copied your logo. If you are concerned about this happening then I would suggest you copyright your logo. You can find more detailed help and information at the Business Link website.

Some other logo design websites will use a number of designers to work on your logo and will often outsource to ‘job sourcing’ websites. These are quite often designed by low paid designers, who may use clipart or lack professional experience and it would be difficult for the companies that outsource to be in control of their designs.

What file formats will you receive?

Your logo will be supplied in a wide variety of file formats suitable for print or web. AI, PDF, EPS, SVG, JPG, PNG. The AI, EPS, SVG and PDF are the vector files which are for printed material such as stationery, vehicle graphics and large format vinyl banners. The JPG and PNG are raster or bitmap images and are more suited for web usage. The vector files can be scaled up to any size and will always remain sharp.

Can you purchase more than one of the design concepts?

Yes you can for £25 per extra logo design. This includes all the various file formats and a black and white version.

Business Cards

If you have purchased either the Standard or Premium option, you can order extra card designs for £10 each. For example, if needed for other colleagues in your company.

How long does the logo design process take?

Initially I’ll have the first set of logo proofs ready usually within 3 working days. Once you’ve viewed the first set of proofs and asked for amendments then I’ll usually get them amended within 24 hours. Quite often I can make the amendments within a few hours, but will depend on the complexity of the work.

What if you don’t like the first set of proofs?

No problem, not everyone is happy with one of the design concepts first time round. So just give me some more feedback, direction or perhaps provide me with some other logo examples to show me ideas that reflects your style.

Hopefully when you receive the second set of proofs you will then be happy with at least one of the concepts.

If after receiving the second set of logo proofs you’re still not happy, then you won’t need to pay the final amount. The 50% deposit is non-refundable and would cover my time spent on your design.